A Conversation with LaShelle Hill, Texarkana Therapist for Chenal Family Therapy

By: Rachel Pinto, MS, LPC

I recently had the opportunity to talk with LaShelle Hill, LPC, who is a counselor at our Texarkana clinic. I completely admire LaShelle’s kind, empathic, and direct personality. It is a real skill to be able to speak softly but clearly about what one believes, and I know LaShelle’s therapy clients appreciate this approach as well. 

I asked LaShelle what she loves about being a therapist, what type of therapy she enjoys practicing, and what she loves about Texarkana. Read on to learn a little more about her, and consider if you may need to seek LaShelle’s counseling help.


Q: What do you love about being a therapist?

A: “Knowing & continuously striving to fulfill my purpose, which is to be of help to others and also knowing that sometimes, I might be the only honest but empathetic and non-judgmental outlet that a client can rely on, and I might share the only positive words they hear in their day.”


Q: What kind of work gets you up in the morning?

A: “I like working with diverse populations of clients (race, age, financial and social backgrounds, etc) because that keeps me on my toes and pushes me to continue learning and working on myself as well, so that I can try to provide the appropriate help to my clients. I consider myself to have an eclectic approach, and I think it’s often necessary in order to try to meet each client’s specific needs.”


Q: What do you love about being in the Texarkana area?

A: “I am excited that Texarkana and surrounding areas are growing at a fast pace and I think more people here are beginning to open up and understand the importance and need for counseling.”


Q: Finally, what do you wish every client understood about therapy?

A: “That people shouldn’t attach a negative stigma to counseling, that counseling is nothing to be ashamed of, and that counseling is just like any other profession. There are some bad counselors just like there are some bad store clerks, restaurant workers, politicians, etc. But there are also some good counselors who genuinely want to help and who do amazing work. If a person finds a good counselor and goes into counseling with an open mind, then counseling will more than likely be very beneficial. As a society, we’ve got to start taking our mental health as seriously as we take our physical health.”

Many thanks to LaShelle Hill, LPC, for spending this time and sharing how motivated she is to help clients from any background have a positive experience in therapy, and learn to care for their hearts and minds just like they care for their bodies. If you want to learn more about LaShelle, you can find her profile on the Texarkana page of our website. And if you want to set an appointment with LaShelle so that you can start caring for yourself in this important way, call or email our scheduling department.