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As therapists, our goal is to walk alongside people during their times of hurt and frustration, work to make sure everyone is heard and understood, help sort out complicated emotions, and ultimately chart a course of action that helps bring the therapy relationship to a close.

Online Counseling

They can speak with you on the phone, video, via email, text messaging, or chat. These counselors have completed the coursework, exams and obtained the licensure required to provide this in the state of Arkansas by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling.


Our Licensed Psychological Examiners and Psychologists perform testing, assessment, interviewing and review of results. Areas of testing include ADD / ADHD, Autism, IQ, Learning Disability/ Diagnostic Clarification, Bariatric Pre-Surgery Evaluation, and more.


To keep a crisis from turning into a catastrophe, it often takes intense work and commitment in a short period of time. Couples, families, and businesses need to lock arms and make a decision to not just survive, but thrive.

Medication Management

Looking for a psychiatrist to prescribe or manage medication for your mental health? We have psychiatrists available in several office!

Anger Management

We offer both individual sessions and one-day, 8-hour intensive anger management sessions. Whether your goal is to help your relationships or to fulfill a court order, our programs will help.


The goal of reaching a healthy body and mind can be better achieved with ensuring your dietary habits are balanced and healthy.

Did you know we also do

Community Education & Guest Speaking?

Need a professional speaker for your next company retreat or church leadership meeting? Teachers, would your class benefit from a child/adolescent counselor presenting on needed topics, such as bullying, boundaries, or others issues facing kids/teens? We actively seek out ways to educate our community on mental health and relationship topics and would love to speak for your community group.

We are happy to speak to any group on both inspirational and educational mental health topics from relationships, leadership, achieving goals, depression, anxiety, couple challenges, caregiving, healthy families, parenting, and more.