Individual Counseling & Full-Day Workshops

Anger Management

Our Steps

At Chenal Family Therapy, we recognize that anger management is more complex than simply “learning to control your emotions.” We recognize that anger is a valid emotion and we believe that acknowledging both our human tendency to experience anger, as well as our right to get angry over legitimate complaints, is crucial to not acting angry. 

Our individual anger management counseling and our intensive format workshops are meant to help accomplish three things that will lead to greater harmony, peace, and safety with the people around our clients. Specifically, we focus heavily on:



Learning to better choose relationships and situations that don’t cause legitimate anger.



Strengthening a person’s ability to discern between rational and irrational anger. 



Acquiring skills to properly navigate anger when it occurs, so that your anger does not make the situation worse.

 Our Programs

We offer anger management in two formats, both involving between 8-12 hours of therapeutic work. They each use a workbook that meets Federal standards for anger management curriculum. They also include an assessment at the beginning and end of treatment to ensure that you’ve grasped the material and to validate that a change has occurred in your approach towards anger. 

The format you choose is highly dependent on your individual budget and how quickly you need to complete the work (if under a court deadline). Both result in a certificate of completion upon successful completion. 

Additional details:

  •  Designed for Court, Employer, Relationship Distress, or Self Improvement
  •  Course is a nationally-recognized program
  • Court-Ordered Anger Management Certificate provided to participants 
  • Participants must make 80% or higher on final test to receive certificate
  • Counseling available for participant family members
  • One-on-One Anger Management offerings include: 8, 16, and 24 hour programs
Individual Anger Management Sessions
This is arguably the most effective approach, since the therapist’s full attention is given to one individual, their triggers and their personal history with anger. It is typically completed over 8-12 weeks and may be covered by insurance. This provides the highest level of confidentiality, since no one besides are our staff needs to be aware that you’re receiving services.