Alisa Anthony

Virginia Compton, Therapist


There often comes a time when life becomes messy and confusing; this can leave us feeling stuck, washed-up like seaweed, or reactive. We find ourselves in need of help growing and moving forward. Sometimes, we want assistance preparing for the unknown, or we may need a hand re-connecting. I believe therapy ought to be a safe space for you to process and heal.

I am a Licensed Associate Counselor, and have experience working in outpatient, crisis stabilization/inpatient, and residential treatment, with individuals of various walks of life, ages, and stages.

While therapy is difficult work, I am committed to partnering with you in the process of striving to help you grow, addressing life’s challenges, and achieving your goals. I’m glad you’re here. Please feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment.

Alongside providing counseling services, I enjoy backpacking, rock climbing, and strength training!