Alisa Anthony

Tyler Rollins, Intern

(Statewide Telehealth)

Counseling and being of service to others has long been a passion of mine. It was only recently that I realized it should be my profession as well as my passion. After spending 4 years in the Arkansas National Guard, I suffered a Spinal Cord Injury while training with my sniper team. I was immediately paralyzed from the chest down and lost all function in my hands. During my rehab, I met other people who survived their spinal cord injuries and had gone on to do well for themselves. I knew then it was time to get to work. Since then, I have met many milestones on the way to rebuilding my life and helped many others to do the same. My aim in life is to let the trauma make me stronger and to teach others to confront their traumatic experiences in search of finding purpose and peace.