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Tammy Henthorne, LPN

(Refills Nurse)

Tammy Henthorne, LPN, graduated from Baptist School of Nursing with high honors. With many nursing fields under her belt, she has practiced as a psych nurse longer than in any other.

Born and raised here in Arkansas, she never ventured living too far away from her birthplace. With two children (son Clark and daughter Caitlin), four grandchildren by her son (two girls and two boys), she is also a cat mom who states she borders on being “Crazy Cat Lady”. Although she currently only has three, she had many more when she lived in the country.

Tammy loves nature, crystals, and having studied it for many years on her own she is very much into natural healing. She also loves to cook, sew, read (“Books, books, books, I truly love books – the feel – the smell. I also one day hope to be a writer. Well I guess I already am since I write, but would love to be published one day.”), make jewelry, and is a big baseball fan.

On Tammy’s bucket list is to go to Ireland to touch base with her Irish roots, as well as to visit all of the Hawaiian Islands – she already has three down!

One thing Tammy says she will never forget is what her mom told her before she passed. “Tammy, they can take everything from you except your knowledge, never stop learning”. She takes this to heart and continues to truly love and enjoy learning. She plans to return to school when she turns 60, but says she “won’t tell how close that is, lol.”