Alisa Anthony

Shawn Lyman, Therapist


I earned my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy in 2022 after spending nearly a decade working with children and adolescents facing a variety of behavioral, emotional, mental, and relational issues. These experiences made me realize that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others improve theirs. In my office, you will be welcome to be you. You will be heard, understood, and validated. No matter how messy you feel things have become, you will not face judgement or criticism with me. Whether it is just you, you and your partner, or multiple members of your family, my office is your space to let it all out.

Utilizing a mix of psycho education with my main approach of Emotionally focused therapy, we will go on a journey together of self discovery and relational growth. I welcome people of all identities and beliefs that are willing to go on a journey of growth and self discovery with me. Please reach out to schedule a meeting to get things started!