Alisa Anthony

MyKayla Bowser, Therapist


MyKayla is a therapist who values working with people struggling to connect within themselves and their most precious relationships. She is firmly rooted in the belief that every client is the expert in their life and deserving of empathy, understanding, and respect. Counseling and mental health support is for everyone, regardless of their cultural background, and MyKayla aims to ensure her clients feel seen and heard.

MyKayla received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Arkansas. Her background history in social sciences allow her to provide culturally responsive and equitable care. She is currently working toward her Registered Play Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Therapy certifications.

Above all, MyKayla prioritizes centering the client. She approaches therapy through a person- centered, trauma-informed lens. Her experience includes play therapy and sandtray, post-traumatic stress, grief, depression, race and gender-related stressors, and substance abuse and addiction. MyKayla is LGBTQ+ and Disability allied and Body Positive. She works with children as young as 2, individuals, and families.