Alisa Anthony

Meagan Crenshaw, Therapist


I love working with children and their families to help support healthy relationships, behavioral changes, and to set up each child to be as successful as possible. I have several years experience working with children who have experienced various types of trauma and are ready to process that. I have a passion for helping children realize their potential and find what motivates them, while also walking alongside the parent to increase confidence and positive parenting skills. Working in the school setting allows me to respond to my clients in real-time and work closely with school staff to implement effective interventions while enhancing relationships to build confidence. I use Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help children who have experienced trauma process the thoughts and feelings that get them stuck in unhealthy patterns.

My passion is to help each child realize how successful they can be both at home and school. Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story and have someone to fight alongside them to meet their needs and advocate for their best interests.