Alisa Anthony

Lena Hancock


Life brings experiences, some of which bring joy and others that bring emotions that are uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. These emotions can take a toll physically, mentally, and vocationally. Stress, anxiety, worry, anxiousness, sadness, a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and anger are a few emotions life can bring. Seeking feedback from a trained professional to deal with life is not a weakness, it is a sign of strength. Often this level of strength and courage surpasses what a client thought they were capable of

I am trained in working with trauma which brings an array of emotions that can be difficult to articulate. The impact of these emotions can be enormous. My own vocational and educational experiences for the last 30 years have assisted me in working with distressed families, children, and adults. I have a unique skill set and knowledge that comes from working with and within the judicial system. I’ve assisted family and children involved with the Juvenile Court and those who have proceedings such as custody or divorce before the Court. The reason I became a therapist was to help people deal with life’s experiences and circumstances. To me, this position is not only a vocation but a reflection of who I am and my desire to help others. I believe we can combine my professional and educational experiences, along with your experiences and needs to create a beneficial and progressive therapeutic relationship.