Alisa Anthony

Larry Hopkins, Therapist


Sometimes it may feel like no matter what we do, or think, or pray for,  nothing seems to work the way we want, sometimes the world’s most difficult job is convincing others and ourselves we are happy when we actually find it difficult to get out of bed or enjoy any part of life and the smallest negative event may trigger a reaction and sadness we don’t understand, we feel we have lost control. I can help you help yourself and/or your family to rediscover happiness and positive self-worth, to work though serious problems both past and present. 

Our thoughts affect our feelings, our feelings affect our behavior and our behavior affects our thoughts, it’s a cognitive triangle that works in either direction, and sometimes our thoughts and/or our children’s thoughts are misguided, sad, lonely or angry. 

I am comfortable working with children, adolescents and adults with anger and explosive behavior, anxiety, boundaries and impulse control issues, eating disorders, feelings of disparity and negative self-worth, depression, identity issues, self-harm, trauma (emotional, physical and sexual abuse), suicidal ideation and history, parenting issues and relationships, PTSD and unidentifiable thoughts, feelings and behaviors that need identification and solutions. 

I am an Educational Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor and specialize in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT).