Aaron Mclellan

LaKia Aytch, Therapist


Are you ready to work toward improving your social or relational functioning, explore your thoughts and feelings and improve awareness of the strengths that you already possess? If you are, I would love to work with you to start building on those areas. Therapy is not a one size fits all, together we will find the path by focusing treatment to your needs and by using the modalities that fit you best. While working with you, I’ll intertwine multiple therapeutic techniques to allow appropriate adaptation. I start with Reality Therapy to focus on the here and now & to identify what problem you may be experiencing, then I transition into what therapeutic techniques would best suit you and/or your family to assist in functioning at the highest level possible despite current circumstances. I am committed to helping guide you through current stages in life, while also equipping you with many tools for your personal toolbox so that when life throws a curve ball or you find yourself on shaky ground, you’ll have the tools and techniques needed to help get you back to a baseline level of functioning. This allows you, as my client, to appropriately face any issues head on in a healthy manner.

While I do have a strong passion for working with teens and young adults, I have a demonstrated history of effectively working with children, adults, couples, families, co-workers, and groups. If you need life skills or help developing healthy thought processing techniques, I will assist you to establish those healthy relationships by building new perspectives. Therapy can be utilized for a myriad of reasons; it is time for you to put yourself first and I am on your team.