Alisa Anthony

Kacey Johns, Therapist


We all protect ourselves to survive. When faced with overwhelming distress, people cope in the best way they know at the time. We avoid. We distract, perhaps throwing ourselves into work or activities that force the distress out of mind. We try to lessen our pain with addictions or obsessive behaviors. We bottle it up. These are understandable ways of managing our hurt. But over time we become stuck in our protections, and we lose that most vulnerable part of ourselves that allows us to fully engage with life and deeply connect with others. We focus so much on surviving that we neglect to live.

Our work together will focus on moving you out of survival mode and into living the life you want to live. My approach is strongly rooted in unconditional acceptance of you and your experience, relentless empathy, and a focus on understanding, regulating, and deepening emotional experiences. I treat each client as unique and as the expert on their own lives – I will never tell you who you are or who to be.