Alisa Anthony

Heath Bradley, Therapist


My experience as a client in therapy over the years has taught me many things, both personally and professionally. I understand the fears and doubts about entering into therapy, and the emotional challenges in going deeper into difficult subjects and painful experiences we would rather ignore or forget about. I also understand, though, that most of us come to a point in life where our strategies of denial or avoidance reach their expiration date, and we need to find a new way to deal with life.

For many people, a counseling relationship can be a powerful tool in finding this new way. In this relationship, we can find safety to explore what feels scary, learn new perspectives and strategies, and discover the strength and wisdom that resides in each of us. I strive to offer my clients genuine presence, empathic attunement, compassionate support, and respectful and knowledgeable feedback.

I have graduate degrees in philosophy, religious studies, and mental heath counseling. I enjoy working with a broad range of adult individuals, especially those who desire to use the therapy relationship to find self- acceptance, deepen self understanding, and strengthen self-confidence. I have significant training and long-term experience in mindfulness and meditative-based practices, and utilize those with clients who are interested. I am LGBTQ+ affirming and enjoy supporting individuals in deconstructing self- limiting or shame-inducing beliefs about gender and sexuality. I also believe moving our bodies and being outside are essential to mental health, and I enjoy hiking and running out in the natural beauty of NWA.