Alisa Anthony

Elizabeth McMullen, Therapist

(Jonesboro Clinical Director, LAC)

Meet Elizabeth, a compassionate therapist dedicated to helping individuals navigate the intricacies of their internal world. With a deep-rooted curiosity about human behavior and responses to various circumstances, Elizabeth has always been captivated by what makes us tick. She firmly believes that our internal world is akin to a map, and at times, we require assistance to navigate it successfully. Through her empathetic listening skills and thought-provoking questions, she creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients to explore their unique experiences. Driven by her metaphorical interpretation of life as the ebb and flow of a tide, she recognizes the interplay of internal motivations and external influences. She believes that understanding these rhythms requires time, patience, and the occasional outside perspective. Elizabeth is committed to helping her clients gain insights, build resilience, and create meaningful changes in their lives.