Dr. Gail Lane

Dr. Gail Lane, Therapist


(AR License P1711378, M1711031)

Are you struggling to get your relationship out of a rut? Are you at the end of your rope? Does daily life feel overwhelming? Often, life and relationship stress can become so overwhelming that they affect our physical, emotional, and relational health. Change is hard work, but it is possible!

Whether you are a couple beginning life together, individual experiencing postpartum, or you and your partner are navigating relational transitions or trauma, I am passionate about helping you. Together, using a blend of strategy, empathy, and compassion, we can work to create hope in the midst of your life circumstances.

I have a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and view life situations with a systemic lens. This lens helps identify and contextualize destructive patterns. Combining experience and focused discussions, we can work together to alter unhealthy patterns into more productive, thriving patterns.