David Lengefeld

David Lengefeld, Therapist


(AR LPC License P0910065)

“Let’s Fix It!”

I am a solution-focused person in life.  That perspective causes me to help you identify solutions to help you solve your current dilemma.  I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches but I frequently provide a therapeutic perspective that many of my clients have never encountered. I have 22 years’ experience in the mental health field, 10 years plus experience in ministry and I serve my community as a reserve law enforcement officer in the county where my family and I reside. 

I have counseled individuals, groups, family relationships, parents, siblings, children, couples, pastoral staff, law enforcement officers, and many other unique professionals.  I am passionate about helping the institution of the family identify ways to solve a family crisis.  I do enjoy investing in the lives of other men and fathers, such as myself.  Schedule a visit with me today for a fresh, realistic and solution-focused perspective on your current dilemma.