Placeholder | CFT Team Member

Christie Hudson, QBHP

(Qualified Behavioral Health Provider)

My name is Christie Hudson and I have been working with people of all ages for most of my life. My education is in Counseling and I have worked in the Mental Health field for nearly 7 years. I have worked with children, families, and school employees while working in a School-Based Mental Health program. I have also worked with victims of domestic violence by offering education and assisting them with finding resources to rebuild their lives after leaving a traumatic home. I enjoy helping connect people with resources that improve their quality of life and give them hope for healing and wellness. I love learning how people think and helping others understand children’s/student’s behaviors to be able to better serve, nurture, and educate them. I live in Harrison, AR with my husband, Cody. We love where we live and enjoy finding ways to invest in the people in our community.