Alisa Anthony

Candace Boswell

(Carroll County Clinical Director, LAC)

Candace is a Clinical Mental Health Intern at Chenal Family Therapy in Harrison, AR who specializes in the areas of anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, trauma, addiction, spirituality, life cycle transitions, grief, and relational issues. Additionally, she has experience working in the dental field where Candace worked specifically with individuals experiencing dental or medical phobias and a population of dental sleep medicine candidates who often presented with extreme exhaustion and hopelessness.

Candace believes in the power of the counseling process which begins with a strong therapeutic alliance between the counselor and client(s). Striving to create an environment in which individuals feel safe to explore the distressing or dysfunctional areas within their lives that they would like to experience change or healing, Candace is passionate about helping others discover personal strengths while reaching their desired life goals.