Alisa Anthony

Brandi Pinn, Therapist

(Mountain Home Clinical Director, LCSW)

AR License 8366-C

Everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their life. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over six years of experience in clinical, agency, and school settings. I support adults, children, adolescents, and families using a strengths–based approach, solution-focused, and believe that all individuals have the ability to create and maintain positive changes within themselves. I utilize a compassionate, holistic, and client-centered approach that allows me to meet each individual where they are at. I use a number of therapeutic modalities including but not limited to Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Reality Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Family Systems Theory.

I can assist you in achieving your goals utilizing personalized treatment to address specific needs and concerns. I recognize the importance of the connection between the physical body and inner emotional states. I will strive to assist you in regaining your desired quality of life, as well as strengthening your resiliency to face life’s challenges and stressors. I will provide a relaxing environment where individuals and families can feel comfortable and safe sharing thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I have a strong clinical background in mental health, behavioral, parenting, grief/loss, trauma, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, occupational/educational stress, relationship issues, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, gender identity issues, gay-lesbian issues, problem-solving, conflict resolution, assisting individuals in coping with stress, and goal setting. I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals can discuss their concerns without fear of stigma or shame.

I look forward to meeting you!