Sheryl Renee Wells

Sheryl Renee Wells, LPC

“Childhood is what we spend the rest of our lives getting over” is a statement that unfortunately too many people can make. None of us have a perfect life. Many of us are facing challenges that we never expected. Past and current trauma contributes to our physical, emotional and mental health. Trauma is a significant factor that impairs daily functioning and can deepen depression and anxiety. Trauma effects every one of our relationships and the lens with which we view the world. I understand trauma and it’s impact on us. I am passionate about helping people process the trauma that is keeping them from experiencing a healthy life.

As a therapist, I have helped families, children, and couples who struggle with trauma, mental illness and addiction work through their issues and develop lasting healing. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, ptsd, or other mental illness, I can help you develop the healing needed to achieve a happier life. Don’t let your past or current struggles hold you back from fulfilling and rewarding relationships. Let me help you achieve your goals as we work together. You don’t have to do this alone. I can help.