Sandra Wilson

Sandra “Sandi” Wilson, Therapist, Testing


(AR License 73-09EI)

If you are searching for a therapist with experience, professionalism, and focus on your unique needs, if you are seeking to identify the problems that are preventing you from reaching your personal goals, if you are identifying your long-term aspirations and want help developing a plan of attack, if you are already diagnosed with a mental illness or an emotional problem and you want to learn good coping skills to prevent negative fall-out in your daily life, and if you want a therapist who is determined to help you achieve success, I am ready to serve you.

Since health insurance has moved to outcome-based therapeutic interventions, your therapist needs to be trained in cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral therapy, EMDR, trauma-based CBT, and other approved interventions. I am experienced and trained in outcome-based treatments, and ready for you today