Alisa Anthony

Priscilla Alexander, Therapist


I work passionately for families. I love to serve the community I live in. When I say families, this could be an adult needing assistance with a child, as I am PCIT trained. It could be family members in an individual capacity. The people I work with I am here to care for and comfort. I am Trauma trained as well. This opens up a door for those whose suffering from the past or the present can be calmed and assisted through the trial in their life. I have LGBTQ community experience, as well as, those that need support, and someone to talk to.

I have been an LCSW for 7 years. I work very hard to understand each person and assist them wherever life takes them. Somedays are just one day at a time. Allow me to work with you and we will go on life’s journey together!