Alisa Anthony

MJ Ims, Therapist


Hello and welcome! I believe in co-creating a therapy experience where you have the space to rest, reflect, and build meaningful skills at your own pace. My philosophy is grounded in addressing the impact of stress, trauma, and cultural conflict on mental and emotional health.

Through my work as a licensed school counselor, I have seen how the consistent pressure to achieve can impact life both academically and developmentally. The consequences of this can manifest in school, home, work, and social settings. My goal is to support you as you untie yourself of harmful expectations so that you have the freedom to thrive.

I welcome working with individuals who need support as they explore their identities and learn how to navigate anxiety, depression, discrimination, relationship dynamics, and life transitions. My counseling approach utilizes experiential concepts which often resonate well with adolescents and young adults who enjoy interactive and expressive experiences.