Alisa Anthony

Mary Catherine Rose, Intern

(Statewide Telehealth)

Counseling can be a sacred process of journeying together toward change and healing. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to journey alongside others as they take steps in this process. I aim to create an environment that is safe and free from judgment so that my clients feel free enough to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in ways that feel honest and true for them. Prior to studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling at John Brown University, I had years of experience in counseling as a client. This period of my life has helped me to understand intimately what it is like to open up every aspect of one’s life to another person. Because of this, I understand the courage it takes to enter into the counseling process, and I seek to honor this courage in each of my clients. In my time as an intern, I have gained experience with teens, adults, and couples. Most of my experience has been in depression, grief, trauma, and relational issues, however, I feel that it is important to welcome any person regardless of their reasons for seeking counseling. If any part of this resonates with you, I hope to be able to join you on your journey.