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The Fayetteville office of Chenal Family Therapy is a team of mental health specialists who offer therapy services to kids, adults, couples and families. We accept major insurances, including Medicaid, and cash payment. (Teletherapy is an option at this location.)

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Our Fayetteville Team

Medication Management

Our medication management team is comprised of independent professionals who have partnered with CFT to offer an individualized, whole-person approach towards helping you find the right medications for your situation. Please note that members of our team are unable to treat non-psychiatric medical conditions through CFT and all clients are screened through the Arkansas Prescription Monitoring Program. You are welcome to receive medication management services at CFT while working with an outside therapist.

Lea Campbell

Dr. Julie May-Wewers, Medication Management



Our therapy team is comprised of a diverse team of specialists who are trained to work with unique populations and challenges. Our scheduling team can help you find the right clinician who can best equip you to reach your goals.

Placeholder | CFT Team Member

Dr. Michael Flowers, Therapist

(Fayetteville Clinical Director, Ph.D., LPC-S)

Lea Campbell

Jennifer "Cory" Spradley, Therapist


Lea Campbell

Vahideh Zamani, Therapist


Lea Campbell

Kate Kuff, Therapist


Lea Campbell

Misha Helm, Therapist


Lea Campbell

Catherine Cruz, Intern

(Statewide Telehealth)


Psychological testing can remove the guesswork when it comes to a variety of mental health struggles. Our team of licensed psychologists and psych examiners can help you find the clarity you need to take the next steps in your treatment journey.