Alisa Anthony

Lauren Summerson, Intern

(Statewide Telehealth)

My name is Lauren Elizabeth Summerson. I live in Texarkana and work for the ACE Afterschool Program at TISD. I obtained my BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University Texarkana where I am now currently a graduate student completing my last year in the Master of Social Work program. Upon graduation, I plan to obtain licensure as an LCSW and work in clinical practice. I have a passion for understanding both the uniqueness in people and the similarities that unite us. I view the clinician as one with power to help clients unlock their SUPER power. I approach the helping process through a systems based, humanistic lens with focus on the individuals’ invaluable strengths. I have two daughters, and two cats. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly 16 years! I love to paint, draw, and hike when I can! I also have an obsession for all things colorful and bright!