Alisa Anthony

Kirsten Sharp


Hello Everyone! My name is Kirsten. I am an LMSW who has known since the age of 12 that social work would be my profession because that is my heart. I love people and I love serving people. My goal as a social worker is to help people become advocates for themselves where able and to help them meet their needs in whatever way I am able to. I believe that people have a right to define success in their own terms and that people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Sometimes success looks like working through trauma, finishing daily tasks, putting food on the table, or living your truth. Sometimes self-advocacy looks like developing the courage to enforce your boundaries, confront your parents or children, telling your therapist that the suggestion given was not very helpful, or taking a break from the stresses of life to take a breath. I find that working with preteens, adolescents, and adults is where I do my best work. I have trauma training and am ever looking to grow and learn to be the best social worker/therapist I can be for the people I work with.

To give you a little bit of personal information. I am married to my wonderful wife who is also a therapist. We have 3 cats Squealer, Midnight, and Oreo, and our dog Hazel..she’s a very cute disaster. We enjoy hiking, aspire to be world travelers, and I like to roller skate. And as my friend and former roommate, Marci once said “All of you is welcome here.”