Alisa Anthony

Erin Logan, Therapist


Everyone has a narrative that has led them to where they are today and it deserves to be honored, valued, and heard. Sometimes our story includes hardships, addiction, anxiety, and other aspects that can be perceived by others as negatives. Many of us will carry our “brokenness” around in silence for long periods of time before it weighs us down to the point where we feel confused, heavy, tired, and overwhelmed. There are times that we need a gentle nudge or guidance back to who we are or who we desire to become. These transitions can include many areas of our life such as relationships, grief, trauma, mid-life transitions, and every area in between. I am here to provide that space for you to make those desired changes. I embrace an eclectic approach in therapy since we all differ as humans. It is my desire to meet you where you are in your walk and help you reach your goals! As you embark on this courageous adventure, I would be honored to be a part of helping you create meaning of your story! Together, we will collaborate as a team to identify your strengths and find solutions to help you become the person you desire to be!