Alisa Anthony

Charis Mian


Often, we cling to the notion that we are “human becomings” and that our best moments will arrive down the road…but it just isn’t so. Those future moments will be no more special than this one right now (and less so if they contain the inevitable disappointment flowing from a life of conditioned expectations). The way you live this moment is the way you live your life. If you are waiting for it to get better then “waiting” is who you are. Loss, shock, grief, and despair are fully part of the human experience. In fact, they are proof of life and evidence of love. Our challenge is to keep going and to find moments of joy again. I welcome adolescents, adults, and families and support them through moments of grief, depression, anxiety, adjustment to transitions and/or life experiences. In addition, I assist individuals in addressing trauma and help them make healing changes where they can move forward in their lives and experience happiness again. Learning to allow the heart to open takes courage, time and responsive, compassionate support. I will always work hard to develop an authentic, trusting and open space where we can work collaboratively to meet your needs and goals.