Aaron Mclellan

Ashley Graves, Therapist


We all face difficulties throughout life – some more than others. I believe that regardless if it is a single experience such as the death of a loved one, illness, divorce, experiences that lasted an extended period of time such as military deployment or sexual abuse, something that is ongoing that you can’t quite put your finger on such as feelings of depression or feeling anxious all the time, or even just a build-up of everyday stresses, therapy can be life-changing. We often push down our feelings and create an extremely negative core belief system about ourselves. We begin to doubt our self-worth and as these negative beliefs snowball, it affects our families, school, careers, and everything in our little world. But this c change! Through compassionate, quality therapy you are assisted in identifying the core of this negativity and then begin to learn¬†skills to change them one by one. Helping guide people through this winding path is my passion.

I have over 10 years of experience as a therapist and 25 years working in the mental health system helping individuals heal and begin new lives. I utilize primarily a psychoanalytic approach using a variety of techniques as well as Clinical Hypnosis to address the problems you are facing. I am not afraid to take your hand and walk with you through your pain allowing myself to experience a minute amount of what you live with daily. I am passionate about working with military and their families and sexual abuse victims, as well as grief and anger management to name a few. I also treat a vast variety of issues from pain management, stuttering, anxiety, trauma, to weight loss, and smoking cessation through the use of hypnosis. My hope for you is to conquer your struggles, decide who YOU want to be, and leave therapy a better version of yourself.